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I highly recommend Nexus

It’s been a long time coming but this year I decided to to get back into shape. At 43 years old I wasn’t yet ready to accept that my best physical days were behind me so I enrolled in the Man of Steel Project at Nexus Fitness.

In my 20’s and early 30’s I’d held memberships at other gyms so thought I had a good idea what I needed to do. I was expecting a similar workout program and basic diet tips to what I had received in the past. What actually happened was quite different.

Not only were many of the exercises new to me, but also the nutrition was carefully explained. It wasn’t just a matter of learning the routine, instead it was about understanding the reasons behind it all. The result was a transformation in how I looked and felt that was much greater than I had ever experienced before. I was surprised just how much I could improve over the 12 week period.

I highly recommend the team at Nexus. The gym is a great environment – friendly and informative. I’ve seen many other people gain similar results as myself and it’s encouraging to be around others who are doing well with their own goals.